About Bingo Bonanza | The Great New Zealand Bingo Bonanza

The concept was sparked from a dire conversation during one of the weekly "4pm virtual drinks catch ups" that the Tourism Industry held while in the first lockdown.

The Bingo Bonanza Story…

In a time that now feels like a lifetime ago, a group of New Zealand tourism operators gathered on a Zoom call at ‘wine-o’clock’ to touch base and check in on one other. It was April 2020, and the stories were often grim. Each week, another industry colleague lost their much-loved job or a once thriving company was forced to hibernate or close.

New Zealand’s largest export industry had come to a sudden standstill with zero revenue for most.

As a tourism marketing and software development company, Tomahawk felt compelled to do something to help their industry and friends. They weren’t going to sit still and watch the devastation unfold; they needed to find some way to help.

The challenge? To motivate New Zealanders to explore their country, discover new places and invest in the types of experiences that they’d value when travelling overseas. Paying for a guided boat and snorkel trip in Fiji is considered normal for kiwis but most wouldn’t dream of doing the same here at home… What could inspire and motivate this change in mindset?

The answer? To gamify and incentivise experiences.

Almost everyone knows how to play a good old-fashioned game of Bingo, so using the game as an easy, fun way to motivate people to explore communities, regions or the entire country was an inspired vision.

The Bingo Bonanza mantra was soon born

If the team of five million can go into lockdown together to beat a pandemic, then the team of five million can play Bingo Bonanza to have fun, help the economy and ensure the tourism industry survives.

It was important to our founders that we help industry colleagues in need, so they sourced a group of talented tourism developers who were about to be made redundant and tasked them with scoping and designing the platforms.  Next, they needed tourism industry know-how for networking and clever marketing, so they turned to the recruitment services of Tourism Talent and the incredible network of Go With Tourism. We were lucky enough to attract some talented professionals who had recently been let go but wanted to stay in the industry, and so, our ‘Brilliant Bingo Brigade’ was born.

So what is Bingo and why should you get involved? Well, it’s never boring and it’s always rewarding. Our team of five million can play, explore, win and repeat while discovering New Zealand in a whole new way.

The Bingo platform is first and foremost focused on our precious tourism industry.  It’ll be introduced into schools as a tool to teach kiwi kids about Aotearoa, and schools, sports clubs and other community groups will also be able to access the platform to leverage the ‘fun and rewarding’ aspect for fundraising purposes.

It has been an incredible journey to see what was once a wild, shiraz-inspired idea evolve into an exciting initiative with enormous potential to benefit New Zealand communities and economies.

We love talking all things Bingo Bonanza, so please get in touch if you have any questions  or  have ideas to share or if you want to partner and jump on board the Bingo Bonanza conga line of fun and rewards for your brand!