Enjoy Summer And Win Pizza | The Great NZ Bingo Bonanza

One HELL of a summer!

Hell Pizza and Bingo Bonanza reward kiwis with FREE pizza

We are thrilled to introduce our new prize partner -Hell Pizza!

To celebrate we have launched some debaucherously fun Bingo Cards & rewarding kiwis for playing with a free Double Pizza for every BINGO.

You can play the 'HELL of a summer' Bingo Card here!

Its a match made in hell, and the perfect prize partner - with 64 stores across NZ, plant-based and Healthy offerings, and a simply scrumptious reward for Bingo players. We love their alignment with our ethos too as they carbon offset all deliveries - it's a wickedly good partnership.

Some of the fun summer activities include:

Sand castle.png

Sandcastle Building

Be the king of the creators and share your sandcastle creation with us!

Summer Strawberry Picking-thumbnail (1).png

Strawberry Picking

These little red devils are our path to paradise. You can't beat freshly picked, sun-warmed strawberries - so find a little patch and get picking!

Toast marshmellows.png

Marshmellow Toasting 

We love flames and fire - get toasting your little fluffy sugar balls of goodness! How do you like your marshmallows - gently singed or looking like they've spent a week in the fiery depths of Mordor?

Read a Book-thumbnail.png

Relaxing & Reading

Get gluttonous with your spare time and take a minute to relax and read a book. Expand your Wikipedia brain and have some 'you' time!


Hell of a Summer.JPG.png