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Frequently Asked Questions

Bingo Bonanza is a whole new way to play, explore and win so we understand that you may have some questions! Check out our Frequently Asked Questions (and their answers!) below. If you’re still bamboozled,  contact our Bingo Bonanza HQ and we'll happily be back in touch!

Yes! you can begin playing online. It's easy! 

You can explore by yourself on your PC (when the boss isn't looking), or with family and friends from your couch on your smart TV, or perhaps open your laptop and start exploring the various Bingo Cards! Simply filter the various options like budget, location, or style and when you find a card you want to play, then create an account and save or share it! 

When it's time for you to kick off the ugg's and slap on a pair of jandal's and get exploring, then download the Bingo Bonanza app on your phone, and your saved and shared cards will be waiting for you to start playing!

There are a number of ways you can complete a square! Some are Free squares while others require you to make a purchase. That's the part where you're helping other kiwis :) 

Each square will clearly advise the square completion requirement.  

FREE Square - you can let us know your location with your GPS on, or you can share the love and upload an image to your Facebook or Instagram stories or feed.

Paid Square - you can scan a receipt or some suppliers allow for you to scan a QR code.  

Remember Bingo Bonanza is all about Kiwis helping Kiwis and sharing the love - so get creative with your stories & posts and help share how awesome New Zealand is!

We are working hard alongside all our great friends in the entertainment, tourism and food & Beverage sectors to bring you new and fresh things to do all the time. If you aren't quite seeing what you want shout out! We love new ideas so jump to the "Suggest a Card" feature in the app and we can create one together! 

Loads of places around New Zealand that are spectacular don't have mobile coverage. No worries! 

Just ensure GPS location is on when you take your photo and upload your image within 7 days of taking it. 

Go to your rewards tab to see your Bingo wins start to pile up. You can then easily redeem your rewards by entering the operator's unique pin code while paying or claiming a gift pay card.

I’m afraid not, you can only complete a Bingo once per card. However, all the experiences that make up a card are unique and fun. We would recommend giving them all a try!

Yes! We love dogs! When exploring cards (on website) or searching cards (on the app) under the Accessibility filter simply choose Dog Friendly!

EASY PEASY! Every card has a share button – just tap it and the URL will automatically be copied for you to share through text message or your favourite social app.

All cards take different amounts of time depending on the types of activities they include. Luckily we have search functionality that allows you to search by Number of Days when exploring our Bingo Cards. 

So then if you are wanting to get a Bingo in a day you'll know just the right cards for you!

YES! Any of the cards can be done in groups, you just need to make sure you all have the app downloaded and complete the squares separately on your own device. If you are validating using proof of purchase you must make sure you use different receipts to ensure you are able to complete the square.